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The Scottish Government recently launched a consultation on its plans to regulate non-medics working in the aesthetics industry.

And it looks a lot like what Cosmetic Couture CEO Maxine Hopley has been calling for.

And could this be what happens across the UK in future?

The Scottish Government is proposing to introduce an order that would ensure that a licence is required for carrying on a business which provides nonsurgical cosmetic procedures through piercing or penetrating the skin e.g. providing dermal fillers, lip enhancements. The intention would be to include a similar requirement regarding inspection of premises as currently applies to tattoo parlours and skin piercing, so that local authority Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) would visit the premises and assess them against the specified conditions before a licence is granted.

They also intend to make it a requirement that an applicant’s knowledge, skill, training and experience is taken into account when determining whether they are a fit and proper person to hold a licence – although it doesn’t say how this will be assessed.

These changes are almost exactly what Maxine has been calling for and what in practice are implemented by the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain – which even goes further as it is planning to establish an independent expert inspectorate.

Maxine has publicly called for the following changes:

  1. Set up a national register of medics who are paid to offer help and support to aesthetic practitioners.

  2. Create a new national qualification which all practitioners have to undertake - A level 5 in Aesthetic Practice and give them 2 years to complete it. No qualification by the end of 2022 – no practice.

  3. Create a licencing authority for all premises where aesthetic treatments are carried out – like the system for tattoo parlours. No licence by the end of 2022 – no practice.

Maxine said: “I will continue to fight for the rights of non-medics to practice but in licenced and approved premises and with recognised qualifications specific to aesthetics.

“I agree with what the Scottish Government is doing but would just like to know how they intend to assess knowledge, skill, training and experience.”

The consultation can be found here:

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