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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has recently come down hard on beauty companies for their misleading adverts. Approved by the ASA, Pete Richardson has the following help and advice.

HOW the beauty and aesthetics industry talks to potential clients is under the most scrutiny possibly it’s ever been under.

Recently the advertising watchdog, The Advertising Standards Authority, has banned Instagram ads run by two beauty companies for claiming their procedures could make customers look like Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner American reality TV family.

Beauty salons AKJ Aesthetics and Queen of Aesthetics used images of Jenner to promote filler cosmetic procedures marketed as the “Kylie Jenner package”.

The ASA ruled the ads featuring Jenner misleadingly suggested their packages would give customers lips, cheeks and jawline that closely resembled her look.

So how can you avoid falling foul of advertising rules?

Here are some ASA-approved tips to avoid getting into trouble.

  1. Only use pictures in your adverts of people who have had the treatment advertised or who have given written permission for the use of the photograph for that purpose

  2. Don’t use the pictures of celebrities unless they have actually had the treatment advertised with you

  3. Don’t use the names of celebrities to advertise a process or treatment unless they have formally endorsed you to do so

  4. Don’t offer competition prizes with celebrity names in either the title of the competition or the name of the prize

  5. Don’t do anything in your adverts that may make clients think they will end up looking like a celebrity

  6. Don’t ever advertise “Botox” as it is against the UK advertising code to market prescription-only medicines

  7. Be very wary of how you advertise your products and services and if in doubt ask for advice – the ASA has a Copy Advice Service via its website at

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