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Once again, the aesthetics industry is under the microscope for some of the advertising using celebrities.

Advertising watchdog The Advertising Standards Authority has banned Instagram ads run by two beauty companies for claiming their procedures could make customers look like Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner American reality TV family.

Beauty salons AKJ Aesthetics and Queen of Aesthetics used images of Jenner to promote filler cosmetic procedures marketed as the “Kylie Jenner package”.

The Guardian today reported that (Wednesday Sept 25, 2019) The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) challenged whether the ads featuring Jenner misleadingly suggested their packages would give customers lips, cheeks and jawline that closely resembled her look.

AKJ Aesthetics also offered a “Kylie package” as a competition prize, which the ASA ruled was irresponsible.

“We considered that consumers would therefore understand from the ads that they could achieve similar results to those of Kylie Jenner and that the photos accurately represented what could generally be achieved through use of the advertised cosmetic procedures,” the ASA said.

“Therefore, we expected to see that the person in the ad, Kylie Jenner, had used those products and the ad was a realistic depiction of what the products could achieve.”

The ASA banned the ads and told AKJ Aesthetics and Queen of Aesthetics not to use celebrities in ads if they had not used their products.

The ASA also banned a third Instagram beauty ad, run by Beauty Boutique Aesthetics, featuring another member of the clan, Kim Kardashian, for promoting Botox. It is against the UK advertising code to market prescription-only medicines.

Be very wary of how you advertise your products and services and if in doubt ask for advice. But avoid using pictures of celebrities who do not use your service or including the names of celebrities in treatments

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