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A beautician from West Yorkshire has taken on the might of the media and won a libel case two years after they published a false and damning article about her work.

As part of a wider attack on the industry under the headline “Curse of the Cosmetic Cowboys”, the Mail on Sunday used a story about Danielle Hindley as a case study in which it libellously claimed that Hindley was a ‘cosmetic cowboy’ and ‘rogue beautician’ of a kind who recklessly botches dangerous treatments they are not qualified to administer.

This was false.

The Mail on Sunday have accepted in this week’s agreed court statement: “There was no truth in these very grave allegations”.

Like the vast majority of cosmetic practitioners, Hindley practises within the law, she is completely qualified to do what she does, and she has hundreds of satisfied customers.

The media is prone to publish horror stories about so-called “botched” procedures and general attacks on the aesthetics industry as the medical profession and others seek to control the massively lucrative industry. But Danielle has proved that they had better get their facts right.

How many “botched” procedures are there really and how serious are they?

Let’s get the facts right before making decisions which fundamentally affect the lives of thousands of lawful professionals working to high standards and for the good of their families.

Danielle’s life was ruined by false allegations and factual inaccuracies and these should be highlighted whenever they happen.

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