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Two aesthetic businesses have been reprimanded for adverts about IV infusions and B12 injections relating to COVID-19.

The Private Harley Street Clinic and Cosmetic Medical Advice Ltd trading as Dr Rita Rakus Clinic have both fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority for ads claiming that IV drips could help prevent or treat COVID-19.

Both were told that their ads must not appear again in the form complained of. And both were told to ensure that their ads did not contain medicinal claims for unlicensed products, including stated or implied claims that their IV drips could help to prevent or treat coronavirus/COVID-19.

The ASA warn that any mention of coronavirus/COVID-19 in the promotion of an IV drip product would bring the product under medicines regulations, as would any claim that implied treatment of, or protection from, the virus.

In their assessment if the case against Dr Rita Rakus Clinic the ASA said: “We considered that in the context of the dates when the ads were published, references to government and WHO advice and boosting the immune system, the claim “protect yourself from viral infections” in both ads was an implied medicinal claim that the IV drip offered by the advertiser could help to prevent people from catching coronavirus/COVID-19”.

The advice is clear, don’t link B12 advertising with any mentions of COVID-19 or imply that the treatment could assist preventing or curing the virus.

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