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All adverts for Botox and other botulinum toxins are being banned in the UK.

Many in the aesthetics industry have used phrases like “anti-wrinkle injections” to get around the ban on advertising prescription only medicines.

But following the release of an enforcement notice today by the Committee of Advertising Practice, the body which writes the advertising rules, from January 31 all ads which refer in any way to these treatments are banned.

The legally binding notice issue today states: “Please take immediate action to review your social media ads and make changes as needed. After Friday 31st January, we will take targeted enforcement action using monitoring technology to automatically find problem posts for removal. This can include – where advertisers are unwilling to comply – referral to the MHRA or your professional regulatory body.”

The enforcement notice very helpfully includes detailed guidance which highlights the new regulations DO NOT refer to dermal fillers.

For example, the guidance says: “Remove direct references to Botox or other POMs. This includes names such as “Beautytox” or “Beautox” where the obvious inference is a reference to Botox. Remember – this includes references in images and hashtags e.g. #botox Also – this covers all promotional marketing, like offering “Botox parties” or “Botox treatment” as a competition prize or in a sale package.

“Do not substitute direct references to POMs with indirect phrases that can only refer to a POM such as “wrinkle relaxing injections”. This is indirect promotion of a POM, and just as much of a problem.”

However, the notice does say you can focus on aspects of a service which does not relate directly to the provision of a POM.

It recommends you promote the service you provide and the consultation itself: “Claims such as “a consultation for the treatment of lines and wrinkles” may be acceptable – but if using this approach you must be careful not to directly or indirectly advertise the POM.”

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