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While many say the Government’s latest Covid-19 is confusing, the message from the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners of Britain could not be any clearer to the beauty industry across the UK.

It remains Stay Home, Stay Safe, Protect the NHS.

While some industries in England are being advised that they can begin to open from tomorrow (Wednesday May 13) the beauty and hairdressing sector has been clearly told by Government that the earliest it could return to some form of work is July 4.

And that is the earliest date and only IF, and we stress the IF, there is no increase in the rate of infection in England. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is no timetable for a return to work as their governments take a more cautious approach than the Government in London.

The ACPB is following national developments closely and preparing information to help members as and when a return to work is allowed.

This is planned to include a range of information on keeping staff and clients safe, new cleaning regimes, waste disposal and how to operate under the likely severe restrictions that will be placed on the industry given the likelihood of continued social distancing.

In the meantime help and advice can be obtained by emailing or contacting our members Covid-19 support line.

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