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The Association of Cosmetic Prescribers (ACPB) has helped with more than 40 written requests for help with patient safety since it was awarded charitable status just a few months ago.

In addition, it has assisted with an estimated 100 requests to its telephone helpline.

Since May 2019, the charity, which was created to: “Promote the health, safety and protection of the general public in the United Kingdom through the development of the highest standards of practice among non-surgical cosmetic practitioners, with special focus on injectables,” has answered 44 written requests for help from its members with specific reference to patients.

These range from asking for advice about clients with pre-existing medical conditions and their suitability to receive an aesthetic treatment, to receiving pictures of possible adverse effects and giving additional help and advice.

These are in addition to the help and support received by members from their prescribers who also provide clinical oversight.

The recordings help to build a picture of the nature of the support systems that ACPB can help put in place – but also help reassure that practitioners are seeking expert advice where necessary for an organisation created to do exactly that.

Further support services and public protection measures are planned for implementation during 2020 and beyond as the ACPB continues to grow and support more and more practitioners.

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