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In a dramatic new development, The General Pharmaceutical Council has banned pharmacist prescribers from issuing botulinum toxins to non-medics.

The announcement does not affect nurse prescribers or other prescribers like doctors, but means any pharmacist prescribers are not allowed to issue botulinum toxins to non-medical professionals, and from May 2020 the same rules will apply to dermal fillers.

Under the headline: “GPhC launches new guidance for pharmacist prescribers”, the GPhC issued a range of new guidelines and in the middle of these, specifically in paragraph 4.3 on page 20 was the following news:

“Pharmacist prescribers must be satisfied that the services they are prescribing for meet the relevant registration and regulatory requirements. They must make sure any procedures are carried out in an appropriate and professional way, and in an environment, which is safe and appropriate for the procedures being carried out.

Pharmacist prescribers must make sure that anyone they delegate the administration of the products to is a healthcare professional with the appropriate training and skills to administer and carry out the procedure.

This applies to "non-surgical cosmetic medicinal products, such as botulinum toxin, and medical devices." Therefore, this will apply to dermal fillers from May 2020 as The MHRA has confirmed that all dermal fillers will be regulated as medical devices from May 2020 under European Regulations EU 2017/745.

The ACPB is currently considering how to respond to the news while talking to a range of industry organisations to assess if there are any ways to have this reversed.

If you are worried about how this might affect you or want to know more please email us at

Here is a link to the new guidance:

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