A NEW campaign is today launched in the UK by a charity committed to helping ensure public safety in the largely unregulated world of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments.

The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain (ACPB) has teamed up with IQ Verify, an established certification body with experience within the field of aesthetic medicine, to provide independent 3rd party auditing services against a set of criteria which are in line with the latest national cosmetic standards.

With virtually no regulations or requirements in the industry, the ACPB is determined to show that non-medics working in aesthetics are working to a high set of standards and are willing to be scrutinised and the results made public. 

IQ Verify will produce and deliver an audit checklist to monitor practitioner compliance against the latest cosmetic standards (CPSA, CQC and relevant data protection elements of ISO9001) - referring exclusively to the availability of resources, equipment and procedures appropriate for the delivery of cosmetic injectable treatments.


Project Overview:

Despite a growing awareness for the need for public facing transparency with regards to practitioner competency within the field of aesthetic medicine, there is currently no national register (voluntary or otherwise) for non-medical practitioners of injectables - a field of practice for which these non-medical personnel are legally entitled to operate.

Confounding the issue further, there are currently no licensing or other checks on the quality or standard of any such practitioners, nor is there any statutory requirement for such.

Evidence of the recognition of the requirement for this service for the public benefit can be found in the link below which announces the recent creation of a new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for beauty, aesthetics and wellbeing, co-chaired by Carolyn Harris MP Shadow Minister (Equalities Office - Women and Equalities) and Judith Cummins MP.

A precedent for this transparency-based approach has been set by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) who were established to create a public facing register of practitioner compliance against the latest cosmetic guidelines. The JCCP were also intended to advise on all issues concerning local/ national sector regulation. At the time of writing, unfortunately the sector remains unregulated and there is no legal requirement to conform to any set standard of training. The JCCP have also made the decision to exclude non-medical injectors from the register for a period of consultation due to end in 2021.

As non-medical injectors continue to practice within the sector, unhindered by the current lack of legislation and uncaptured within the JCCP register itself, this has created a need for action to help protect and inform public awareness. 

The ACPB was launched to do just that - to provide a register for non-medical injectors that could evidence conformity against the latest cosmetic standards (CPSA, ACPB, CQC etc.).

To achieve this goal, the ACPB have approached IQ Verify to provide independent 3rd party auditing services against the standards as defined for ACPB membership.



Audit Process

The ACPB is a membership body with four tiers of practitioner membership, all of which are visible within a publicly facing register. Tiers 1-3 largely relate to practitioner registration and personal development (training programmes, CPD status etc). Tier four is the final stage of membership and its satisfaction relies upon the practitioner having been independently audited in their place of work.

IQ Verify will produce an audit checklist to ensure practitioner compliance against the latest cosmetic standards (CPSA, CQC and relevant data protection elements of ISO9001) referring exclusively to the availability of resources, equipment and procedures appropriate for the delivery of cosmetic injectable treatments.

Practitioner competence is not a factor included within the audit, more-so the safety of the environment within which these treatments are to be delivered.

A tier 3 ACPB member would contact ACPB to request an audit against these standards and ACPB would provide guidance documents to the applicant and work with them to ensure their readiness for 3rd party audit. ACPB would then schedule this audit with IQ Verify, at a date convenient to the applicant and auditor alike, with a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice.

IQ Verify will be a subcontracted independent auditing arm of ACPB membership services.

IQ Verify will send a trained auditor to the applicant’s primary place of work who will review and ascertain their compliance with the latest cosmetic standards (using the aforementioned guideline compliant checklist). Critically, the audit outcomes and documentation thereof will be location specific thereby mitigating the risk of a practitioner misrepresenting this outcome at a secondary and non-verified location.

The scope of audit is limited to injectables only and the audit duration is approximately 0.5 days, with a further 0.5 days of report writing.

Audit outcomes will be quantified using a grading scale of Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate. Driving each of these outcomes there will be five key areas of grading depending upon the level of adherence to the latest cosmetic guidelines- Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-Led.


For any areas deemed requiring improvement/ inadequate, IQ Verify will decide in decision making whether those issues identified can be resolved through further desktop review (i.e. post their correction by the applicant) or require a full re-audit. 

IQ Verify will then provide this audit report to ACPB for their subsequent usage.




ACPB will either use the IQ Verify report to issue a certificate (featuring both the ACPB and IQ Verify logos) or request and schedule improvements prior to issuing ACPB certification - action dictated by outcome of audit report.

The certificate will have a two-year expiry date, after which a further audit must be scheduled. Through fixed frequency audit and re-audit, we hope to overcome some of the risks inherent within a more sample based audit model.

It will also make clear that its issuing is not an endorsement of practitioner competency, rather it is a confirmation that the relevant standards required for the delivery of injectable treatments have been met by the certificate person at a named location.

ACPB will update their public facing register with the audit outcome, per practitioner, to enable the public to review the practitioner’s real time status of guideline compliance - at a particular location of work.

Should a practitioner wish to be represented at multiple locations, further audits will first need to be scheduled and conducted- the audit outcome cannot be extrapolated to more locations than have been subject to independent review.




In total the creation and implementation of the inspectorate will cost up to £10,000 and will include:

  • Developing the audit checklist against the latest guidelines

  • Developing the above referenced visual audit outcome grading scales

  • Writing guidance documents for applicant registrants

  • Developing a post audit certificate and audit report template

  • Creation of the QMS and documentation/ client contracts necessary to deliver this framework consistently and effectively

  • Development of the client management spreadsheet to help monitor audit frequency and outcomes

  • Development of a full process flowchart for use by ACPB and IQ Verify alike

  • Framework specific auditor training.


Each audit will cost £800. This price is in place to pay for the third-party auditors and audit report writing process and includes auditor expenses (travel and subsistence in the UK).

In the instance of there being areas of non-compliance, a fee of £625 plus VAT would be charged to conduct the reduced duration repeat audit to address any areas of prior concern. Again, this price is inclusive of all auditor expenses.

Reviews will be conducted annually by ACPB to ensure continued alignment of the scope of audit with the latest cosmetic guidelines. Improvements will be fed back to IQ Verify and updates made to the deployed audit documentation so as to ensure currency of process at all times.

To donate to the campaign please contact or directly to:

Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain


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